Bringing A Civil Claim On Behalf Of A Deceased

Alcohol-related liver disease is a long-term illness that your loved one may develop over time when they drink too much. Alcoholism, which is the chronic…
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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is a day meant to raise awareness about the prevalence of elder abuse around the world. It’s been observed globally…
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Why You Should Have a Will and What Happens When You Don’t

According to a poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute in 2018, more than half of Canadians do not have a last will and testament…
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Highlighting Upcoming Changes To Estate Law In Ontario

The past year introduced a number of changes to how people and businesses find ways to work. From restaurants to travel to the law, very…
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Widow Seeks Insurance Payout After Claim Is Denied

As people move through the stages of life, there will be plenty of times when they are given forms or contracts to sign. For many…
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Agreement To Pass Property Without A Contract Or Will Is Difficult To Enforce

Being able to give something of value to a loved one after you pass away is something that many people hope to be in a…
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Supreme Court Orders Unsealing of Probate Records In High Profile Case

Many people might not be aware, but when an estate goes to probate, the details of the court’s work to authenticate the deceased’s will becomes…
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Can A Suicide Note Constitute A Holographic Will?

Having a valid will is perhaps the first step in creating an estate plan that will ensure your assets are distributed as you wish in…
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Family Discovers They Don’t Own A Part Of Their Land, But They Can’t Find Out Who Does

Most of the time when we run into issues involving questions around whether an estate is the owner of property, or someone else is the…
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Death In The Family Leads To Conflict Over What Happens To Family Home

Family homes are a safe place for many, with shared memories and experiences shared amongst members of the family. Unfortunately, when people pass away, it’s…
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