Estates & Trusts

May 30

When families are preparing their estate to help look after a disabled relative, they may consider putting money into what’s known as a “Henson trust,” which is a trust where Read More

Apr 26

It is natural for parents to want to help their children. This can be exercised in a number of ways, from helping children with education costs to helping them obtain Read More

Apr 4

There are many things that people should consider before they die. As estate and trust lawyers, we always remind our clients of the importance of planning for their eventual death Read More

Feb 13

There are plenty of things people may not automatically think of when planning for the future of their loved ones upon their death. Items such as savings accounts, houses, and Read More

Feb 1

Being named the executor of an estate comes with much responsibility, including collecting debts owed to the deceased. A recent decision from the Court of Appeal for Ontario highlights the Read More

Nov 22

It’s natural for people to want to structure their wills in a way that allows their property to be distributed amongst their beneficiaries as quickly and as affordably as possible. Read More

Nov 8

While the preparation of a current and valid will can go a long way in ensuring your estate is not subject to litigation when you pass, there can often be Read More

Jun 7

It stands to reason that most people want to make financial decisions in the most tax efficient manner possible. But what options are available to people who realize after the Read More

Apr 26

Separation agreements can be a useful way for two people to establish their responsibilities to one another after their relationship comes to an end. Ideally, such an agreement will articulate Read More

Mar 29

One of the most important reasons to have a will is to lay out what you want to happen to your estate when you pass away. A will allows you Read More