A Relationship Breakdown Can Risk a Jointly Owned Business

During a relationship, parties may establish a family business and merge their personal and professional lives. If the parties are joint owners and the relationship…
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Employee Seeks Inclusion Of Bonus When Terminated Without Cause

Losing a job unexpectedly is never easy news to deal with. However, when someone loses a job and does not receive the payment in lieu…
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How Ontario’s Courts Have Responded To COVID-19

There’s no doubt that the emergence and the response to COVID-19 has upended and shaken the lives of everyone in Ontario. Institutions that we rely…
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What Happens To Your Bonus If You’re Fired Before It Is Paid Out?

People whose employment compensation includes bonuses often rely on the promise of a bonus when making financial or other life plans. But what happens when…
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The Rights Of An Independent Contractor Upon Termination

In the context of work, individuals providing services to a company or organization are either employees (with rights and privileges afforded to them by legislation…
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The Blurred Line Between Constructive Dismissal and Resignation

Under most circumstances, employees who quit their jobs are not entitled to damages. However, the law isn’t always cut and dry, and issues such as…
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Court Rules Employees Can Opt Out Of Reasonable Notice Under Common Law

The opportunity to sign an employment contract can be an exciting time in one’s professional career. However, employment contracts can be complicated, and, as seen…
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Human Rights Tribunal to Hear Complaint Alleging Gym Employee was Terminated Following Sexual Assault by Gym Member

A British Columbia woman who claims she was fired when she took leave from her employment with a gym chain after she was sexually harassed…
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How Much Notice Are Terminated Employees Entitled To?

When someone is fired from their job, i.e. terminated, they are generally entitled to receive notice (more often than not, in writing) of the termination.…
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