Generations of Respected Lawyers Serving Toronto for Over 60 Years

For more than half a century, NULaw and its predecessors have been known for excellence in providing legal services, strong advocacy, and client-focused services. We represent business owners & entrepreneurs, businesses, families, and individuals who want a personalized and practical approach to their matter.

Our History

Colonel Sydney Frost, Q.C.: Decorated War Hero

NULaw’s roots stretch back to 1953, when Colonel Charles Sydney Frost opened a legal practice after returning home from war.

Colonel Frost led a storied military career prior to entering the practice of law: he was a member of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in WWII, had been twice wounded in battle, and was part of the Canadian operation which liberated the town of Ispica, Sicily in 1943. He also served a two-week stint as temporary mayor of the town, earning the recognition of being Ispica’s first democratically-elected mayor.

Following the War, Colonel Frost joined the Royal Regiment of Canada in Toronto, later becoming its Commanding Officer, and subsequently the Honourary Colonel of the Regiment. He also wrote “Once a Patricia”- the highly regarded memoir of his war service. Colonel Frost’s numerous awards and recognitions include the Canadian Forces Decoration and two bars: the Canadian Silver Jubilee Medal in 1977, and the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 1992.

Colonel Frost (known as Syd, to family, friends, and clients) was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1960, and was awarded an Honourary Doctorate of Laws by the Royal Military College in 1976.

Syd’s practice was originally located in the heart of the business district in downtown Toronto, at 44 King Street West in the Bank of Nova Scotia head office. Syd’s connections and excellent reputation helped to attract many prominent clients, including Mercedes Benz Canada, where he was the company’s first legal counsel, high profile brokerage and investment houses, several Royal regiment survivors of the Dieppe Raid, as well as the Bank of Nova Scotia itself.

Alan Redway: Alderman, Mayor, and Member of Parliament

In 1966, Alan Redway joined his friend Syd and formed Frost and Redway LLP. Alan practiced at the firm he helped create and grow until his retirement in 2010.

While working as a tireless advocate for his clients, Alan also enjoyed an illustrious political career, serving as Alderman of the borough of East York from 1972-1976, and as mayor of East York from 1977-1982. He was appointed to the Queen’s Counsel in 1977.

Alan went on to Federal politics and represented East York and Don Mills as a Progressive Conservative from 1984-1993. During that time, he served in Cabinet as Minister of State (Housing), and remained actively involved in social housing advocacy after leaving politics.

Richard Rohmer, Q.C.: Celebrated Lawyer, Veteran, and Author

While Syd’s practice was located downtown, Richard Rohmer Q.C., a celebrated lawyer, veteran, and author, served as Counsel to the firm.

The Evolution to NULaw

Following Alan’s election to the House of Commons in 1984, Syd decided to retire from the firm, and Shane Roherty joined Alan’s practice, forming Redway and Roherty LLP.

After Shane’s departure, Peter Butler joined the firm in 1987 and quickly put his own stamp on the new firm of Redway and Butler LLP. Peter remained a steady hand at the helm of the firm while Alan was in Ottawa. Peter fostered strong client relationships and loyalty, and provided his clients with straight-forward, honest, and personal legal advocacy through his long and distinguished legal career.

Combined, Alan and Peter practiced law in Ontario for nearly 100 years.

Upon the retirement of Alan and Peter in 2010, the torch was passed to David ‘Lex’ Arbesman, who had been Alan’s associate for several years prior to Alan’s retirement. Rebranded as NULaw, Lex leads the firm with the same integrity and devotion as his respected predeessors.

Our Continued Commitment to our Clients

Though the names have changed, our committment to our clients has never waivered. We remain dedicated to upholding the principles established by our distinguished predecessors: combining big firm results with a small firm relationship, and the overall commitment to always put our clients’ best interests first. We are forward-thinking, adaptable, and innovative, and take advantage of the latest technological advancements to best assist you. Contact NULaw online or at 416-481-5604 to book a consultation today.

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