Use of Family Cottage Leads to Dispute

As cottage season grows closer, people fortunate enough to have a family cottage are likely planning their vacations and imagining themselves by the water on…
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Can A Suicide Note Constitute A Holographic Will?

Having a valid will is perhaps the first step in creating an estate plan that will ensure your assets are distributed as you wish in…
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Business Assets Are Mismanaged Following Separation

For families who own a business together, getting a separation or divorce can lead to more difficulty in getting through property division. Business owners, including…
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Move To Florida Causes Questions About Spousal Support

COVID-19 has impacted the way many people work, and that’s for people who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs during the economic downturn that…
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Long-Awaited Changes To Divorce Act Come Into Force

For the first time in about 20 years, Canada’s Divorce Act has received significant amendments that aim to shape not only the way people talk…
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Father Asks For Access to Children Following Allegation of Sexual Assault Against Another Child

When a parent is charged with a crime that is sexual in nature and involves youth, there is bound to be an impact on the…
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Parent Seeks To Stop Child Support Payments While Children Wait To Continue Education

When a parent is obligated to pay child support following a divorce or separation, they might expect that once their child (or children) reach the…
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Family Discovers They Don’t Own A Part Of Their Land, But They Can’t Find Out Who Does

Most of the time when we run into issues involving questions around whether an estate is the owner of property, or someone else is the…
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Parents Disagree Over Level Of French Education Child Should Receive

Having parents who are actively involved in a child’s education is unquestionably a huge benefit for the child. However, for divorced or separated parents who…
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Husband Seeks Annulment After Failure To Consummate Marriage

When we usually blog about couples deciding to end their relationship, it is usually in the context of separation or divorce. And while those are…
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