Annulments Due To Inability To Consummate The Marriage

We’ve covered a large number of issues on our blog over the years, but it has been some time since annulments have been covered. Unlike…
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Mother Says Father Of Children Is Not Taking Covid-19 Seriously

With a second wave of Covid-19 on the rise, it’s natural that stress levels amongst family members may be higher than usual. This is especially…
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Is Potential For Health Problems Enough To Keep A Child From School?

We have written a few blogs over the last number of months dealing with the issue of whether it is safe for children to return…
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Husband Asks Court To Provide Him With Possession Of Home To Comply With Order To Sell

For many couples, the matrimonial home is the most valuable asset they own. When you add in sentimental attachments to a home, what happens to…
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Parents Disagree As To Which Country Is Safest For Children During COVID-19

With the school year here, it’s natural for there to be a number of questions around what to do if two parents who are divorced…
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Is School During COVID-19 an Educational Decision or a Health Decision?

The start of the new school year has brought along concerns and precautions that most families have not every experienced before. Some parents have made…
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Father Reminded That He Cannot Unilaterally Alter Support

It’s common for many relationships to require sacrifices from all involved. When children enter the picture, it’s not uncommon for one parent to step away…
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Beneficiaries Disagree On How Estate Should Be Distributed

Having a properly drafted will is one of the most important first steps involved in creating an estate plan. In an ideal world, a will…
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Parents Disagree Over Whether Cottage Trip Is Safe

COVID-19 has canceled, or at the very least, put many people’s summer plans on hold. For parents who are divorced or separated, it may be…
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The Challenges Of International Access During COVID-19

Earlier this summer we blogged about international child abduction and how courts approach such issues when laws such as the Hague Convention do not apply.…
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