What is a Hybrid Decision-Making Responsibility Arrangement?

Decision-making responsibility (formerly known as custody) and access may become controversial issues following a separation or divorce. Parents may agree to arrangements with the help…
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International Child Abduction

After a separation or divorce, the last thing any parent wants to think about is the possibility of their child being taken away outside of…
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Considering Family Violence When Devising A Parenting Plan

We recently reported on an Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision that recognized a new foundation of liability for family violence. The judge, in that…
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Is there a presumption of equal parenting time?

After a separation or divorce, one of the most contentious issues is often parenting time with the children. While in many separations, decision-making and parenting…
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Parental Disagreement on a Child’s Passport

Applying for a passport for your child after a separation or divorce can be difficult. With the Canadian Government generally requiring both parents to sign…
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Decision-Making & Parenting Time Rights for Same-Sex Parents

The road to equality for LGBTQ2 Canadians has been a long one. Although homosexuality was decriminalized in 1969, marriage for same-sex individuals was not adopted…
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Child Relocation – Should New Evidence Be Considered On Appeal Or In Application To Vary Order?

When a parent wishes to relocate with a child, for example, to be closer to family, this may affect the other parent’s access rights (now…
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The Use of Psychiatric Assessments in Access Disputes

Access refers to a parent’s time spent with a child. Access arrangements are often made between the parents with the help of a family lawyer…
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Judge Issues a Warning on “Intolerance, Vilification and Dismissive Character Assassination in Family Court”

We recently reported on what can happen when parents disagree on whether their child should be vaccinated. If a custody dispute ends up in court,…
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What Happens When Parents Disagree On Whether Their Child Should Be Vaccinated?

Family courts in Canada have had to deal with many issues relating to COVID-19 in the last two years, including disputes about parenting time, vaccination…
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