A Section 30 Assessment Can Help the Court Understand the Parenting Issues in Dispute

Section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act allows courts to order the appointment of a third-party assessor to assist in deciding issues of decision-making…
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Courts Focus on the Status Quo to Maintain Stable Arrangements for Children

In the family law context, the status quo is a concept that courts use to help make decisions relating to parenting and decision-making responsibility. Courts…
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What if Parents Can’t Make Shared Decision-Making Work?

Federal legislation makes it clear that when deciding parenting issues, such as decision-making responsibilities, the outcome must be individually tailored to the specific family and…
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Does a Parent’s Mental Illness Impact Their Parenting Claim?

Establishing a parenting schedule and determining decision-making responsibility with respect to children can be difficult. Matters can also be challenging when a parent is dealing…
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