Changing a Child’s Residence May Require Court’s Oversight

In most cases, a parent who wishes to move to a new residence with a child will be required to provide notice of the proposed…
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Unemployment Does Not Exempt A Parent From Paying Child Support

A parent’s obligations to pay child support do not cease simply due to a period of unemployment. While an application to vary the amount of…
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Can the Impact of Inflation Justify a Variation in Spousal Support?

In recent months, inflation has been a prevalent topic of conversation. Inflation comes with increased expenses resulting in a higher cost of living for many.…
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Take Care to Ensure Your Family Law Claim is Not Barred by a Limitation Period

Limitation periods prescribe the amount of time a party has to pursue a claim. If a claim is commenced beyond the expiration of a limitation…
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Does Re-Partnering Impact Spousal Support Awards?

The re-partnering of a spouse following separation or divorce can impact an existing spousal support order. If a new partner is helping provide for the…
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Can You Obtain Disclosure from Third Parties in Matrimonial Litigation?

Financial disclosure is a pivotal obligation in family law matters. Proper disclosure provides a foundation for the parties to resolve financial issues, while a failure…
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What is a Hybrid Decision-Making Responsibility Arrangement?

Decision-making responsibility (formerly known as custody) and access may become controversial issues following a separation or divorce. Parents may agree to arrangements with the help…
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Property Transfers for Couples: Was the Money a Gift or a Loan? 

It is not unusual for romantic partners to provide money transfers as gifts or loans during a relationship. The problem is that when a relationship…
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Can Courts Disregard Separation Agreements?

A separation agreement sets out each person’s rights with respect to important separation matters upon separation, such as child custody and child support. These matters…
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The Consequences of Fraud and Witness Intimidation in Family Law Proceedings

Family law matters can end up in the courts following a separation or divorce, and litigation can be a complex, uncertain and emotional time. Circumstances…
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