Can An Estate Recoup Money Lost After Objection Without Merit?

Being named the executor of an estate is a serious responsibility that leaves the executor making decisions that may impact anyone who stands to benefit…
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“Home” is Where the Dispute Is

In everyday conversation, people may take the simple definitions of words for granted. Take for example the word “home.” Easy enough, right? Most people have…
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The Importance Of Limitation Periods When Collecting Debts Owed To An Estate

Being named the executor of an estate comes with much responsibility, including collecting debts owed to the deceased. A recent decision from the Court of…
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Spouse Challenges Will Of Alcoholic Husband

One of the requirements in determining the validity of a will is that the testator have the legal capacity to write it. A recent case…
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Estate Seeks To Prohibit Social Media Posts Featuring Condo

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are new areas of communication, and as such, can often provide the courts with interesting situations…
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Is Your Estate Entitled To Your Spousal Support Payments After Your Death?

Separation agreements can be a useful way for two people to establish their responsibilities to one another after their relationship comes to an end. Ideally,…
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Man’s Second Wife Challenges Will Which Left Her Nothing

One of the most important reasons to have a will is to lay out what you want to happen to your estate when you pass…
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What Happens If You’re Given a Cheque, But The Person Who Wrote It Dies Before The Cheque Is Cashed?

It’s not every day that one might receive a gift of $100,000. What’s more rare would be if the person who wrote the cheque died…
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Montreal Couple Sentenced For Defrauding Scheme

A Montreal woman was recently sentenced to two years of house arrest followed by three years of probation for her role in a defrauding scheme…
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Court Accepts Handwritten Notes As Wishes Of Deceased

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has ruled that handwritten notes outlining the final wishes of a deceased woman can be used to update her…
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