Court of Appeal Rules Termination Clause Must Be Read In Whole

Typically, when people are terminated from their jobs without cause, they are entitled to notice or payment in lieu of notice. While the Employment Standards…
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Is Someone On Unpaid Sick Leave Entitled To Pay In Lieu Of Notice?

Unpaid leaves of absence from work can complicate people’s lives, contributing financial stress as well as worry about a person’s health. Another way that unpaid…
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Employer’s Termination Clause Covers All The Bases

Nobody is entitled to keep their job forever. That said, people who lose their jobs without cause are entitled to compensation in lieu of notice…
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The Word Of An Employee Against The Word Of An Employer Following An Event Leading To Termination

A breach of contract can lead to the termination of an employee. However, what if the employee says they are not to blame for an…
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Can An Employment Contract be Unilaterally Altered During A Period Of Notice?

Employment contracts are used to spell out the responsibilities of parties involved in an employment relationship, giving each party a clear understanding of what they…
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Are Employees Obligated to Accept Unfavourable Employment Terms When Their Place of Work Comes Under New Ownership?

When a company (or part of a company) is purchased by another company, it’s natural for employees to wonder about whether their employment situation will…
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How Clear Must A Contract Be When Providing Only The Minimum In Termination Provisions?

The Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) requires employers to provide, at minimum, two weeks of notice (or pay in lieu of) when an employee is…
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Is An Employee Entitled To Reasonable Notice Before Starting A Job?

One of the most common issues in wrongful termination cases is how much severance an employee may be owed. Among the most important factors in…
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Court Rules Employees Can Opt Out Of Reasonable Notice Under Common Law

The opportunity to sign an employment contract can be an exciting time in one’s professional career. However, employment contracts can be complicated, and, as seen…
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