Financial Urgency During COVID-19

We have blogged in the past about the approach courts have been taking during COVID-19 to determine if a family law matter is urgent enough…
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Friends With Benefits, Or Spouses?

Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to claiming spousal support, not every type of relationship will qualify as serious…
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Couple Divorces in Ukraine, And Then Separates In Canada. Is It Valid?

We’ve recently blogged about international divorces and how they are taken into account in the Canadian legal system. A recent decision from the Ontario Superior…
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Parent Attempts To Have Loan Repaid After His Daughter And Her Husband Separate

Sometimes having family willing to assist with financial help can be extremely beneficial. However, we’ve often seen that if there is one thing that can…
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Court Asks Whether Insurance Clause Is Stand-alone in Separation Agreement

When going through a separation or divorce, one of the issues that often comes up is life insurance, particularly the onus of one of the…
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Court Discusses Whether A Divorce Is Needed If A Marriage May Not Be valid To Begin With

Most people have been involved in situations where they attempt to address a seemingly simple issue, only to discover layers of complexity waiting below the…
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Spousal Support Obligations End When Wife Fails To Find Work After 22 Years

It’s not uncommon for one parent to leave the workforce in order to work out of the home following the birth of children. While it’s…
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Divorcing Couple’s Disagreements On Spousal Support Leads Them To Court

It’s understandable that after a long marriage, a couple’s financial situation and the division of working inside and outside of the home, can lead to…
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Can A Husband Who Earned Less Income Than Wife Maintain Beneficial Ownership Of Home?

When a couple goes through separation or divorce, it’s not uncommon for there to be disputes about who owns what, or who owes who money.…
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Court is Critical of Husband’s Aggressive Litigation Tactics

We previously wrote about a case working its way through the courts where a father was seeking to settle their separation through First Nations laws…
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