Employee Who Raised Safety Concerns Cries Foul After Being Fired

It’s often said that at work, safety is everyone’s concern. It would follow suit then, that employees should be free to report safety concerns they…
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Does Impaired Driving While Off Duty Give an Assistant Fire Chief’s Employer Cause to Dismiss Him?

Access to an employer’s vehicle is a privilege that comes with a number of responsibilities, especially when one is allowed to drive the vehicle outside…
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Is An Employee Entitled To Reasonable Notice Before Starting A Job?

One of the most common issues in wrongful termination cases is how much severance an employee may be owed. Among the most important factors in…
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Court Rules Employees Can Opt Out Of Reasonable Notice Under Common Law

The opportunity to sign an employment contract can be an exciting time in one’s professional career. However, employment contracts can be complicated, and, as seen…
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