Employment law

Oct 30

For some people, bonuses make up a large part of their total income. However, unlike regular paychecks, bonuses are typically issued at irregular intervals. So what happens when someone is Read More

May 10

In Canada, employers have a duty to adjust rules, policies, or practices in order to allow employees to participate fully and avoid being discriminated against. This is known as the Read More

Mar 29

It’s often said that at work, safety is everyone’s concern. It would follow suit then, that employees should be free to report safety concerns they see in the workplace. In Read More

Jan 24

Most people may think of employment contracts as agreements that govern a relationship between an employee and employer for the duration of that working relationship. However, some employment contracts have Read More

Jan 10

When someone is terminated from a job, they may find themselves faced with having to sign a release in order to receive payment in lieu of notice exceeding what is Read More

Dec 13

Typically, when people are terminated from their jobs without cause, they are entitled to notice or payment in lieu of notice. While the Employment Standards Act (the “ESA”) provides for Read More

Nov 28

Despite making progress over the years, racism and other forms of discrimination still occur in the workplace. Of course, Ontario’s Human Rights Code (the “Code”) prohibits discrimination on race as Read More

Nov 16

Unpaid leaves of absence from work can complicate people’s lives, contributing financial stress as well as worry about a person’s health. Another way that unpaid medical leave complicates people’s lives Read More

Oct 31

Nobody is entitled to keep their job forever. That said, people who lose their jobs without cause are entitled to compensation in lieu of notice as prescribed by the Employment Read More

Oct 5

Employment contracts can be tricky to write, and termination clauses can sometimes lead parties into litigation. A recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice highlights just how important Read More