Estate Litigation

Sep 19

An executor of an estate is faced with many responsibilities, oftentimes having to manage risks and liabilities that may impact the estate. As a result, it’s common for an executor Read More

Sep 6

In 2018 we wrote about a decision in which a judge found that a couple who had written both primary and secondary will’s did not have valid copies of the Read More

Jul 12

One of the most important reasons people choose to create an estate plan is to minimize the likelihood of disagreements amongst family and other heirs of an estate. Unfortunately, it’s Read More

Jul 5

Plenty of people in romantic relationships make the decision not to get married. While there are many good reasons for this, people involved in common law relationships should understand that Read More

May 13

Marriage contracts (also known as “pre-nups”) may not be the most romantic topic for couple about to get married, but they can be incredibly important for people who are looking Read More

Apr 19

In everyday conversation, people may take the simple definitions of words for granted. Take for example the word “home.” Easy enough, right? Most people have a general understanding of what Read More

Mar 21

There are countless variables that impact our day-to-day lives, many of which are out of our control. Ironically, one of these variables is death. Of course, the death of a Read More

Feb 5

Being named executor of an estate is not an easy responsibility to take on. An executor’s role is to carry out the testator’s wishes and directions and is appointed in Read More

Sep 27

One of the requirements in determining the validity of a will is that the testator have the legal capacity to write it. A recent case decided by the Court of Read More

Aug 16

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are new areas of communication, and as such, can often provide the courts with interesting situations which would not have been Read More