Funerals are usually, and understandably, sad affairs. However one recently deceased man from Dublin, Ireland, has been making headlines after playing a rather funny, if not dark, prank on guests to his funeral. The story reminded us that planning for your death, whether for giggles or financial reasons, is a critical step to take for anyone wishing to have a say in what happens to them and their property upon their death.

A one-of-a-kind prank

The Huffington Post reported that Shay Bradley died on October 8, 2019, following a long illness. However, when family and friends gathered to pay their respects to Bradley, they were treated to a prank that Bradley had planned before his death.

As Bradley’s coffin was being lowered to the ground, a pre-recorded message from Bradley began to play. In the recording, Bradley was shouting “Hello? Hello. Hello? Let me out!” His shouts were accompanied by the noise of someone banging on what was supposed to be Bradley’s coffin lid. The entire event was posted to Twitter by one of the attendees at the funeral.

Bradley’s family and friends at the funeral could be seen laughing and wiping tears as the recording transitioned to Bradley singing “Hello again, hello. I just called to say goodbye.”

A long-planned surprise

Bradley’s daughter told Huffington Post that he recorded the audio about one year ago, but the recording was a tightly held secret between her brother, her nephew, and her father. Two days before the funeral she let the rest of the family know about the recording and how it was her father’s dying wish. She told the Huffington Post, “He wanted to make sure my mam would be laughing leaving the cemetery, not crying,” adding “And he done just that.”

Bradley’s daughter also shared a photo of her father to Twitter with the caption, “Here is a picture of the legend himself. My dad, Shay Bradley. It was his dieing wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man…. To make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad….. He was some man for one man…. Love you forever Poppabear.”

Bradley’s daughter added that the prank was her father’s way of “saying not only goodbye, but to also say, ‘OK the sadness is over now here is a laugh so you can go and celebrate my life with a smile on your face.’”

Whether you have an extensive prank like Bradley’s, or if you just want to ensure that your loved ones are looked after in the event of your death, it’s important to have a will in place. Contact NULaw in Toronto to obtain effective legal guidance with all of your estate planning needs, including wills and powers of attorney. An experienced estate lawyer can help you achieve your long-term goals and objectives, and plan ahead to protect yourself and your loved ones. Contact us online or at 416-481-5604 to book a consultation today.

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