Court Looks At Whether Parents Were Spouses In Order To Make An Order For Support

Modern families can take on all different forms, which is something the courts have continued to acknowledge. Despite progressive understandings of what constitutes a family,…
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How Do Courts Determine Support For Adult Children With Disabilities?

Child support payments can be one of the impacts felt the longest following a separation or divorce, especially if there are young children involved. Parents…
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Agreement On Child Support Proves Difficult To Change

Following a separation there are many steps a couple may take on the road to divorce. One of the steps in the process can be…
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Father’s Instagram Account Contradicts Claims Of Poverty

We have written before about the ways in which social media intersects with family and estate law. Emerging technologies continue to play an interesting role…
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Can Irregular Pay Lead To Uneven Support Payments?

When someone is obligated to make child or spousal support payments, their annual income is used as one of the factors to determine how much…
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Court Does Not Look Kindly Upon Husband Who Fails To Disclose Finances

Court orders might not be fun, or even easy to comply with. However, it’s important to do so. This was perfectly illustrated in a recent…
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Question Of Whether Indigenous Law Can Govern Family Law Disputes Continues To Work Its way Through The Courts

The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently issued the latest decision in a family law case that has become focused on whether family law disputes…
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Mother Attempts To Circumvent Estate Administration In Accessing Estate Of Former Husband

Disputes can often arise when one person in a relationship comes into significant money just prior to a separation or divorce. A recent case before…
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Father Asks Court To Rule On Whether Mother Can Unilaterally Increase A Child’s Participation In Ballet Lessons

Separated and divorced parents with children can face a number of challenges when making what may seem like every day decisions for most people. Take…
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Court Grapples With Determining Father’s True Business Expenses

When two parents go through a separation or divorce, one of the biggest issues they may face is that of child support obligations. While the…
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