Couple Divorces in Ukraine, And Then Separates In Canada. Is It Valid?

We’ve recently blogged about international divorces and how they are taken into account in the Canadian legal system. A recent decision from the Ontario Superior…
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Man Jailed For Following Claim He Burned $1 Million To Avoid Spousal Support

Regular readers of our blog might know that it’s not incredibly uncommon for people going through a separation or divorce to avoid making full financial…
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What Role Do Courts Play In Assisting Self-Represented Litigants?

Getting separated or divorced can be financially stressful in addition to the emotional stress that comes with it. Some people might look to save money…
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Parents File For Divorce In Both Canada And Belgium: The Supreme Court of Canada Weighs In

The world is quickly seeming like a smaller place than it was a generation ago. Digital forms of communication have allowed people to interact with…
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Court Discusses Whether A Divorce Is Needed If A Marriage May Not Be valid To Begin With

Most people have been involved in situations where they attempt to address a seemingly simple issue, only to discover layers of complexity waiting below the…
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Spousal Support Obligations End When Wife Fails To Find Work After 22 Years

It’s not uncommon for one parent to leave the workforce in order to work out of the home following the birth of children. While it’s…
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Spouse Who Made More Money Tries To Obtain Full Ownership Of Home

The matrimonial home is among the most valuable assets a family has. Understandably, what happens the family home (as well as other property) when a…
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What Happens If One Member Of A Couple Dies During The Divorce Process?

There are countless variables that impact our day-to-day lives, many of which are out of our control. Ironically, one of these variables is death. Of…
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Husband Seeks To Alter Spousal Support Decades After Divorce

A couple going through separation or divorce may very well be looking forward to reaching the point where all issues related to their time as…
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Couple Agrees On Existence Of Mental Cruelty, But Can’t Agree Who Is Carrying It Out

There can be a number of issues that may lead a couple to divorce, and some of these can be difficult for the courts to…
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