Court Grants Security of Costs for Custody and Access Appeal

A recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice took a look at how to handle the issue of security of costs during a…
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Reinforcing the Need of a Full Analysis for Retroactive Relief

When a party applies for a retroactive change in spousal or child support, it is not enough to simply prove a material change in circumstances.…
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Father’s Work Schedule Contributes to Approval for Mother to Move with Child to Another City

Can a work schedule that prevents one from exercising visiting rights with a child prevent the other parent from moving the child further away, thus…
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What Happens to Pets After Separation or Divorce?

Clients often inquire about what happens to pets after a couple separates. This often becomes a point of serious contention and dispute between the former…
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Case Study: Spousal Support in a High-Net Worth, Short Term Marriage

In Ahmad v. Khalid, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently explored the impact of a high-income on spousal support in the context of a…
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