November Is Make A Will Month

Having a valid will is one of the most important steps towards building a complete estate plan. Yet, according to a recent article on the…
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One Last Prank: A Joke From The Grave

Funerals are usually, and understandably, sad affairs. However one recently deceased man from Dublin, Ireland, has been making headlines after playing a rather funny, if…
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Home Security Tips Following The Death Of A Loved One

When a family member dies, an obvious step for many people is to take out a notice of death, either in print or on a…
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Mutual Fund Rep Lands In Hot Water After Becoming Executor And Trustee For Clients

Finding someone to appoint as an executor or trustee in your estate can be challenging. An executor or trustee has many significant legal issues to…
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Sibling Found To Be Vexatious Litigant In Estate Dispute

It’s natural to look at estate planning as a way to prepare for the future, provide for loved ones, and reduce the likelihood of litigation…
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Henson Trusts Get Help From Courts And Government

When families are preparing their estate to help look after a disabled relative, they may consider putting money into what’s known as a “Henson trust,”…
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Parents Learn Hard Lesson In Generosity

It is natural for parents to want to help their children. This can be exercised in a number of ways, from helping children with education…
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Nova Scotia Enacts Presumed Consent For Organ Donation

There are many things that people should consider before they die. As estate and trust lawyers, we always remind our clients of the importance of…
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10 Siblings, 5 Banking Accounts, And Plenty Of Questions

While the preparation of a current and valid will can go a long way in ensuring your estate is not subject to litigation when you…
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Spouse Challenges Will Of Alcoholic Husband

One of the requirements in determining the validity of a will is that the testator have the legal capacity to write it. A recent case…
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