Executor Warns Of Risks Associated With Role

We’ve blogged on a number of occasions about the responsibility that comes with accepting the role of executor in an estate. An executor is responsible…
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Home Security Tips Following The Death Of A Loved One

When a family member dies, an obvious step for many people is to take out a notice of death, either in print or on a…
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New York Executors Awarded $100 Million In Fees

An executor of an estate is faced with many responsibilities, oftentimes having to manage risks and liabilities that may impact the estate. As a result,…
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Mutual Fund Rep Lands In Hot Water After Becoming Executor And Trustee For Clients

Finding someone to appoint as an executor or trustee in your estate can be challenging. An executor or trustee has many significant legal issues to…
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Beneficiaries At Odds Over Distribution Of Artwork

One of the most important reasons people choose to create an estate plan is to minimize the likelihood of disagreements amongst family and other heirs…
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Siblings at Odds Over Administration of Estate

Being named executor of an estate is not an easy responsibility to take on. An executor’s role is to carry out the testator’s wishes and…
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The Importance Of Limitation Periods When Collecting Debts Owed To An Estate

Being named the executor of an estate comes with much responsibility, including collecting debts owed to the deceased. A recent decision from the Court of…
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Family Goes to Court in Dispute Over Remains Already Buried

David Mason died and was laid to rest in the summer of 2016; however,over a year later a family dispute over his remains continues to…
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