Financial Urgency During COVID-19

We have blogged in the past about the approach courts have been taking during COVID-19 to determine if a family law matter is urgent enough…
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Court rules “until death” means “until death”

There are many cases we cover in our blog that look at the legal nuances of everyday words or sayings. It’s true that many people…
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How Do Courts Determine Support For Adult Children With Disabilities?

Child support payments can be one of the impacts felt the longest following a separation or divorce, especially if there are young children involved. Parents…
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Father Tries To Establish Mother As Unfit To Parent

Disputes around custody and access can be some of the most difficult for a couple to deal with when going through a divorce or separation.…
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Divorcing Couple’s Disagreements On Spousal Support Leads Them To Court

It’s understandable that after a long marriage, a couple’s financial situation and the division of working inside and outside of the home, can lead to…
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Can A Husband Who Earned Less Income Than Wife Maintain Beneficial Ownership Of Home?

When a couple goes through separation or divorce, it’s not uncommon for there to be disputes about who owns what, or who owes who money.…
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Question Of Whether Indigenous Law Can Govern Family Law Disputes Continues To Work Its way Through The Courts

The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently issued the latest decision in a family law case that has become focused on whether family law disputes…
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Court Addresses Constitutionality Around “Spousal” Requirement For Adoption

In Ontario, adoption is governed by the province’s Child, Youth, and Family Services Act (“the Act”), which came into force when a previous act, the…
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Father Asks Court To Rule On Whether Mother Can Unilaterally Increase A Child’s Participation In Ballet Lessons

Separated and divorced parents with children can face a number of challenges when making what may seem like every day decisions for most people. Take…
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Appeal Asks Whether Judge Has To Read All Material Presented At Trial

When going through a case before the courts, one might expect a judge to be paying close attention to the facts presented to them. And…
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