Can A Motion To Terminate Spousal Support Be Considered Urgent?

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing COVID-19’s impact on family law over the last few months. With the courts only hearing matters deemed urgent,…
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Husband Lays Out A Slew Of Material Changes In Circumstance, But Court Doesn’t Buy It

The obligation to pay spousal support can be a tough pill to swallow for some, and despite the legal requirements to pay it, some people…
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Retirement And Spousal Support

Very few things last forever. When it comes to family law, spousal support following a separation or divorce might be in place for a long…
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Friends With Benefits, Or Spouses?

Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to claiming spousal support, not every type of relationship will qualify as serious…
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Man Jailed For Following Claim He Burned $1 Million To Avoid Spousal Support

Regular readers of our blog might know that it’s not incredibly uncommon for people going through a separation or divorce to avoid making full financial…
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Court Looks At Whether Parents Were Spouses In Order To Make An Order For Support

Modern families can take on all different forms, which is something the courts have continued to acknowledge. Despite progressive understandings of what constitutes a family,…
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Court rules “until death” means “until death”

There are many cases we cover in our blog that look at the legal nuances of everyday words or sayings. It’s true that many people…
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Father’s Instagram Account Contradicts Claims Of Poverty

We have written before about the ways in which social media intersects with family and estate law. Emerging technologies continue to play an interesting role…
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Can Irregular Pay Lead To Uneven Support Payments?

When someone is obligated to make child or spousal support payments, their annual income is used as one of the factors to determine how much…
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Spousal Support Obligations End When Wife Fails To Find Work After 22 Years

It’s not uncommon for one parent to leave the workforce in order to work out of the home following the birth of children. While it’s…
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