Husband Seeks To Alter Spousal Support Decades After Divorce

A couple going through separation or divorce may very well be looking forward to reaching the point where all issues related to their time as…
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Court Does Not Look Kindly Upon Husband Who Fails To Disclose Finances

Court orders might not be fun, or even easy to comply with. However, it’s important to do so. This was perfectly illustrated in a recent…
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Question Of Whether Indigenous Law Can Govern Family Law Disputes Continues To Work Its way Through The Courts

The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently issued the latest decision in a family law case that has become focused on whether family law disputes…
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Husband Depletes Savings And Moves To Poland To Avoid Paying Spousal Support

It’s not uncommon for the courts to hear of people taking extreme measures to escape their spousal or child support obligations. In one case recently…
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Navigating A Request to Vary A Poorly Drafted Separation Agreement

Separation agreements can be great tools in establishing the obligations and rights to couples going through separations. However, it’s incredibly important to obtain proper legal…
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Is Your Estate Entitled To Your Spousal Support Payments After Your Death?

Separation agreements can be a useful way for two people to establish their responsibilities to one another after their relationship comes to an end. Ideally,…
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Can An Indefinite Order For Spousal Support Be Terminated?

In a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice Decision, the court was asked to determine if and when it is appropriate to terminate an order…
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The Million Dollar Cheque That Went Uncashed

The issue of spousal support is often one of the first considerations a couple has to contend with when separating. When a couple is waiting…
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Refusal To Pay Spousal Support Lands Man Behind Bars

In July 2017, while getting ready to board a bus to take him to jail, the husband in a divorce case told the National Post,…
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Can a Brief Move Impact Spousal Support?

One of the factors considered when calculating spousal support is how long a couple was together before their split. Normally, that might seem like a…
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