How A Parent’s Move Can Impact Access Schedules

For parents who are divorced or separated, the start of the school year can bring with it conflict in a relationship that is otherwise free…
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Is Acting In Contempt Enough To Be Found In Contempt?

It should come as no surprise to readers of our blog that divorces, particularly those involving disputes over child custody and access, can get quite…
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Non-parent Seeks Custody Of Child

It’s natural that most cases involving custody and access disputes involve the parents of children. Occasionally, though, someone who isn’t a parent will seek custody…
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Father Attempts To Vary Order Preventing Access

Amongst all the issues dealt with during a separation or divorce, custody and access to children is one of the most emotionally difficult for all…
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Can A Child’s Getting Older Be Enough To Justify A Change In Access?

Issues around child custody and access can be some of the most difficult to address when going through a divorce or separation. It’s not uncommon…
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Court Of Appeal Upholds Access Rights For Uncle

When we discuss issues around child custody and access, it is usually in the context or parents disagreeing over those matters in the context of…
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How Far Must A Parent Go To Prove A Change In Behaviour In Order To Regain Access?

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently heard a motion from a father who was seeking to reinstate access to his eight-year-old-son, who he had…
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Father’s Work Schedule Contributes to Approval for Mother to Move with Child to Another City

Can a work schedule that prevents one from exercising visiting rights with a child prevent the other parent from moving the child further away, thus…
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